KFF TRADE has sourced raw materials from around the world and marketed them to cosmetic companies and chemical manufacturers serving key industrial and consumer marketplaces. These relationships are based on a long-standing expertise, exceptional technical and marketing support.

KFF TRADE is partnered with manufacturers worldwide and is proud to be a distribution channel for following companies:

Enzybel International S.A., Бельгия

Производитель натуральных энзимов, растительного или животного происхождения.

Argeville, France

CPL Aromas, England

Quintessence, England

Codif Recherche et Nature, France

Neelikon, India

Chematek, Italy

John Hogg Technical Solutions, England

Holliday Pigments SA, France

Eurovetrocap, Italy

Tournaire SA, Франция

Производитель алюминиевой тары

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BYK-Gardner GmbH, Germany

Q-Lab Corporation, USA