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Использование красителей и маркеров в ЕС

Сырье для индустриального сектора, нефтепродуктов и ЛКМ

Информация взята из журнала CHEMIK Chemical Magazine, nr 3/2011. Статья содержит обзор рынка нефтехимической продукции и системы окрашивания/маркирования, принятые в государствах Европейского Союза, для идентификации различных видов топлива и нефтепродуктов. Информация приводится на языке оригинала.


Dyeing and marking system in European Union.

Markers and dyes are used in order to distinguish fuels with different tax, especially when the properties of these fuels are very similar. A marker does not change the natural color of fuel and it can be detected by the very simple chemical test, however a dye gives fuel a color in order to visually distinguish it.

As a marker is used the substance, which is named N-ethyl-N-[2-(1-isobuthoxyethoxy)ethyl]-4- (phenylazo)aniline. This substance is used in all over the EU and commonly named as a euromarker (Solvent Yellow 124).

From among several tested substances the best opinion received Solvent Yellow 124 and just it was appointed in the European Commission decision 2001/574/EC dated 13th July 2001 as the common fiscal marker. This decision announced, that SY 124 would be introduced to be used from the 1st September 2002, and the level of marking established from 6 mg/l.

EU Members can use their own system of color distinguishing of products (in Table 1 shows dyes used in several selected countries in EU).

dyes for tax fuel

Besides the marking and dyeing process of some kinds of fuel, the process of the proper determination of individual dyes and markers in the laboratories is very important.

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